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Keep It Clean

My name is Ted Dorosheff and this is my project company. I have created it out of a passion for cars and making them look as good as possible. For me, vehicle ownership is something that I take immense pride in. It is the area of my life where having a critically high attention to detail is both enjoyable and a good thing. As a result, my detailing process doesn't just start and stop with the car itself. Researching methods and techniques, experimenting on scrap body panels, and trying out new products to compare results; everything contributes to the next detail.

Developing my craft to be the best it can be is my main goal, but I also want to ensure that my business grows from a solid ethical foundation. I admit when I cannot deliver and I know my boundaries. Since my project is still in its infancy, I do not yet have a proper detailing garage. Therefore, my M.O starting out will be to bring my supplies to you at your home. I am familiar with this method of work and confident in my ability to deliver a detail that exceeds satisfaction.

At the end of the day the cars we drive are meant to be driven. As beautiful as they are in a garage, our cars are functional and serve a purpose that is more than aesthetic. Whether you drive for necessity or enjoyment, every day or rarely ever, to feel the best in your car, always keep it clean.